2 Things That Will Help You Sleep, Live and Exercise Better Than Ever

Consider these supplements for a better quality of life

March 30, 2016 | By Liz Barnet

We all know that to reduce stress levels, we must incorporate some form of exercise daily, as well as get quality and restlful sleep. Unfortunately, our hectic lives often get in the way and create a vicious cycle – too much stress keeps us from exercising and getting good sleep, stressing us out even further. The detrimental effects of each are augmented by the combination, and it's no wonder we're left feeling hopeless and out of control.

Although the most important thing you can do is take responsibility and action to improve your quality of life, there are some all-natural and effective supplements you can add to your routine to enhance your exercise efforts, sleep and reduce your stress levels.

The Power of Magnesium

Magnesium is a super-mineral that is essential to hundreds of daily biological interactions. The RDA (recommended daily/dietary allowance) of magnesium is between 300-400 mg depending on age, gender and activity level, among other things. While the human body is abundant in magnesium, particularly in your bones, things like strenuous exercise, chronic stress and lack of quality sleep wipe us out. 

It’s also worth mentioning that too much calcium also disrupts the balance of magnesium. You need adequate amounts of both of them in order to play their roles correctly and function properly in your system. Magnesium is necessary for hundreds of daily human functions, from DNA synthesis to maintaining a normal heart rhythm. 

If you regularly exercise, you should take notice as magnesium is also essential to muscle contraction and nerve impulse regulation. So, if you are feeling stressed, either mentally or physically, magnesium is a supplement that can help you de-stress and recover from your exercise regime fast. 

Also, foods that are high in magnesium include dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, beans, dried fruit and dark chocolate. Many physicians and health care practitioners recommend supplemental magnesium, in pill or powder form, due to wide-spread deficiency.

Tart Cherry Juice

Another supplement with a myriad of benefits when it comes to sleep, stress and exercise is tart cherry juice. The purported benefits of antioxidant-rich tart cherry juice include reducing inflammation, boosting physical endurance, assisting with post-exercise recovery, and even helping you sleep more soundly! 

This last benefit is due to the fact that tart cherry juice is rich in melatonin (technically a hormone when produced by animals) and tryptophan (an amino acid) that function together to support sleep. 

An easy way to boost your magnesium and tart cherry juice intake is with an after-dinner 'mocktail'! Using a powdered magnesium citrate supplement (preferably with a fruit flavor), mix with tart cherry juice or tart cherry juice concentrate and water. A touch of honey will help balance the tartness of the beverage, and bring you a whole load of other top health qualities! Delicious!

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