Have You Reaped The Health Benefits Of The Power Plate?

Find out more about one of the IT exercises in HIT training

May 05, 2016 | By Claire Finlay

Who the hell has time for long, drawn out fitness sessions? If we’re being honest, next to no one. Plans for starting new, tough and testing fitness routines nearly always fall through after a few weeks, or even a few days. The culprit? Time – but have no fear friends, the solution is simple: achieving uncompromisingly challenging workouts in less than half an hour, and the king of sweat results? HIT Power Plate. 

By learning a few high intensity training (HIT) exercises, you can ensure fitness is no longer a chore. Vibration training is the perfect workout for time strapped people that want to accelerate their fitness levels (in half the time) and increase strength and flexibility, plus it also works wonders for your pelvic floor.  

If you thought Power Plate was a modern take on those fat-jiggling belts from the 70s, think again. Anyone who dismisses this supercharged full body workout as passive exercise clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing. A 25-minute vibration training session could burn around 500 calories (equal to a 60-90 minute gym session) and push every major muscle group to the max.

These aren’t wild, unsubstantiated claims either. More than 200 studies have shown, when used regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, Power Plate can help provide an impressive range of fitness benefits, including: improved muscle tone, heightened endurance, increased coordination, reduced body fat, enhanced metabolism and strengthened cardiovascular systems.

The patented platform works by vibrating in three different directions which puts your body slightly out of balance and triggers 30-45 reflexive muscle contractions per second. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research recently reported that muscle activity is boosted by up to 300 percent on the Power Plate compared with doing the same exercises on the floor.

If you thought planks were hard enough, try doing them on an oscillating platform. No wonder professional athletes have been using it for years. Most recently it was documented in the press that the Japanese and South African rugby teams used the Power Plate in training for the world cup. Rafael Nadal also trains with the Power Plate to improve his strength, mobility and flexibility on court.  

In a short session you can make every minute count by adding in weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and PRIMAL exercises such as mountain climbers and bear crawls to ensure calories are torched, muscles are sculpted and metabolism stays high. To add even more challenge you could also throw in some TABATA protocols for a bit of fun: 20 seconds of high intensity drills with short periods (10 seconds max) of active recovery time.

All of this means your resting metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories when not exercising) remains elevated for longer periods after the session, essentially turning your body into a fat burning machine. 

Try using the Power Plate for short regular workouts and just watch the transformation. Working on and off the vibrating platform doesn’t just keep you motivated, it makes for a more challenging workout, mixes things up constantly and you can partner with other training techniques so that your body’s always on red alert. At my studio Transition Zone for instance, alongside straight Power Plate classes, we offer a Pilates chair/Power Plate fusion and metabolism conditioning fusion sessions to mix it up!  

The Power Plate should be taken seriously as a piece of kit that means business – nothing else comes close to results in such a short space of time, so go on, try it today!

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