Love of Health’s Brazilian Bliss Workshop

Spotlight on Brazilian food, wisdom & self-love

June 04, 2016

A few weeks ago, NowCureMe were invited by the amazing Love of Health team, run by Brazilians Flavia and Natalia, to experience one of their exclusive health and wellness workshops in London.

These women have a combined wealth of knowledge about how food can be used as a healing source. The amazing health benefits of all things Brazilian were just too good not to share, so they created a special event with ingredients from their native land to provide us with fascinating insight into the way the human body works, what foods you should eat for optimum function and how to develop essential life skills – not mention delicious treats throughout the day!

Sipping raspberry and chia seed infused water, we heard the first of several talks from Natalia on ‘How to be a beacon of joy’. Illustrations and affirmations of self-love and acceptance filled the room, while conversation of unhealthy relationships, bad habits and everyday stresses were topics that helped attendees understand various ways in dealing with personal issues.

Then, we headed to the kitchen for the first cooking workshop of the day to learn the health benefits of all things Brazilian, how to create balanced meals and dishes to help live the best version of yourself, like a freshly made bowl of yummy acai!

Acai is one of the many Brazilian superfoods. It is one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants which are great for battling free radicals that are harmful for your body because they cause cell mutations and accelerate ageing. In Brazil, acai is eaten mixed with coconut water, bananas and other fruits, and Love of Health cleverly blended in cucumber for extra added vitamins!

Then, we were taught how to make a delicious chickpea and spinach quiche and a mouth-watering raw chocolate cake. The cooking workshops were cleverly punctuated by more interesting talks from Natalia about how to build resilience.

She carefully informed us that resilience is overarching – supporting health issues like anxiety and willpower and shared Love of Health's insight into practices we can all do to help ourselves overcome them.

We left feeling absolutely stuffed but super healthy and full of good tips and inspiration to stay sound both in mind and body – the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!

Love of Health are running similar events throughout the summer, be sure to check out their Facebook page for more event details. Thanks Flavia and Natalia! Now when can we go to Brazil?

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